[ Notes from "My Dear Bomb. A Biography" by Yohji Yamamoto ] 


"What I have longed to create, what I have believed in, what I have dedicated my life to is that formless something floating in the mist. That mysterious something can be intuited only through the miraculous sensibilities with wich humans have been endowed. It is pre-lingual, it can only be labeled an intangible asset.

Such intangible assets exist for but an instant. They emerge in one moment only to dissipate in the next, they are possible only in the movements of a moment, only in a space that is raw and alive.

It is meaningless to construct something and place it as an ornament. Things must be alive, they must be vibrant an in motion."


Photographer_ Antonio Macarro / Fashion Director_ Pedro Canicoba / Model_ Mariana Zaragoza at Uno Models / Make-up [ Givenchy ] and Hair [ Leonor Greyl ] _ Jonathan Sanchez.